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White Flowers in Red Rock Canyon


Copy of 098 Copy of 099

The flowers in these photos look to be the same, and the plants look similar.
In the first photo, I wish I knew if the pretty pink parts are pre- or post- flower.
Desert flowers are so fascinating to me.  They grow and thrive, not just exist, in such extreme climate conditions.   Leaves and flowers have adapted in interesting shapes and colors.

Weather was conducive this spring to a beautiful show of flowers.  Our timing was fortunate to see a variety of blooms.  The amount of moisture over a period of months or weeks determines which flowers will blossom in a particular year.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

8 thoughts on “White Flowers in Red Rock Canyon

  1. Just beautiful. Feels like Spring..

  2. It was spring – in the desert.

  3. Did you learn the name? Since my books are all about flowers of the Pacific Northwest … I did not learn anything form the one I searched through.

  4. Sorry, I do not know the names of these flowers. I do not doubt there were many more varieties of flowers earlier in the season. We were there mid-to-late May as the hotter weather was creeping in.

  5. Had my sister in law do some research … Check Calliandra eriophylla on line to see is this is what you saw.

  6. They are apache plumes.

  7. Thank you for naming a plant I saw by the side of the road. This was a particularly beautiful drive, we were so fortunate to see so many different flowers.

    • You are welcome! I actually was trying to find the name of them myself. I had taken a picture of them without the white flowers and wanted to know what they were called. I came across your blog while doing a google search for desert plants found in red rock canyon. Glad you enjoyed the drive. RedRock is one of my favorite places (locally) to drive, hike and photograph.

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