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Mole Holes



We have a number of rows of dirt mounds that look similar to these pictured here.  We have seen so many rows of dirt mounds through the years.  I’ve always wondered if they were made by gophers, moles, digger squirrels or whatever?  An internet search (what an idea 🙂 after living here over 30 years) confirmed these are definitely mole holes.  The moles have been very good at staying in their territory and not going into the vegetable garden – yet.  I keep watching out for those pests in my territory.  We feel that they have over 50 acres to roam around and eat earthworms.  All we want is an acre or two that we humans have tamed and reside in.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

6 thoughts on “Mole Holes

  1. Our method that works is take a road flare, light it and stuff in one of the holes. Takes care of large area. Need to repeat. Cheryl

  2. When I was young, living near the McKenzie River, I recall pocket gophers tunneling beneath the pea plants and watching as the pea plant vanished, pulled under ground by the gopher. Many other stories of gophers brought to mind!

  3. My neighbors have moles too, and me I always felt sympathy for them I don’t know why! That’s why I feel sad when I see they’re waiting for them to go out of their hole to kill them, oh… 😦

    • Lucky for many of the moles in my neighborhood, they get to live!
      There is lots of woodland area, and I like to leave the locals alone, as long as they do not bother me. I like to think there is enough land here that they can be left as a balance of nature.

  4. Mole’s damage is absolutely cosmetic! If they uproot plants, simply plant them again, or place chicken wire around the roots of plants where worms may hide. They also feast on Japanese Beetles. Many gardeners learn to live with moles as they are the ones sharing their prairies with us, not us with them! Think about it. Who was here first.

    • Ooh, I love your positive attitude! And it is very good to hear that moles have a beneficial role in the balance of nature. Now that you mention it, the population of Japanese beetles has been decreasing the last few years…

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