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Christmas Cactus


I picked up starts for Christmas Cactus a number of years ago from a friend.  A start is merely a ‘leaf’ from a plant.  Not knowing anything about these, but that I coveted such a pretty flowering plant, I acquired ‘leaves’ from 4 separate and different colored flowering specimens.  Needless to say, not all survived.  But the ones that did take root have given me great joy, as they flower in the early winter when everything outdoors has ‘given up the ghost’ for the season here in the Pacific Northwest.

Copy of DSCN1565

This sturdy plant hangs in a southwest facing room at the back of the house.  Yes, I forget to water it sometimes, specially when I get busy outdoors in the warm season.  Then I remember that this is a succulent and doesn’t mind drying out between waterings – as long as I don’t let it dry out too much!  It does not want to be forgotten, just like the rest of us.


A teeny-tiny bathroom is the home of this beauty.  It was a challenge to photograph because there was so little room to move, and the incoming daylight was difficult to adjust for.  I lowered the shade, but there is still strange colored light.  This plant has definitely found its home.  Its funny (to me) how similar plants fare so differently in various exposures, like in windowsills around the house.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

5 thoughts on “Christmas Cactus

  1. How wonderful that these are blooming. I have no “house plants” any longer. See your plant makes me think about doing it again. A friend had a large lovely plant. I hope that yours continue to flourish.

    • This is one of the few houseplants I have anymore. I have been expending my energy in the outdoors gardens these last years. Houseplants seem to be higher maintenance – like a pet:)

  2. I love these flowers that grow at the ends of their leaves. So pretty and unusual!

  3. I have some, but I’m in the tropics, so I don’t know if they’ll bloom.

    • How fortunate for you to live in the tropics where you can have flowers year round! We have different flowers here in NW USA. Springtime has the most and varied flowers here. I suppose we have to learn to appreciate what we have.

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