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November Rose



With camera in hand, I was looking at the changing colors of leaves on small and large plants.  This miniature rose is so small, I mostly check to see if it is still alive.  I was very surprised to see a flower – in November!

There are still some large rose bushes blooming in town, but my home and gardens are ten miles away in the hills, at much cooler temperatures.  My larger rose bushes are long dormant and I do not expect to see any new growth until spring.

Copy of DSCN1557

A lot of rain was in the weather forecast, so as the sky clouded up, I cut my solitary tiny rose and put it in a vase.  To keep things in perspective, this hand-blown glass vase is 1.5″ or 4cm tall.  Or should I say it is 4cm short?

It was a very cold day, and the house was relatively so much warmer, that I wondered how my flower would fare.  Even the north-facing kitchen windowsill was not agreeable enough.  By morning, the flower was about spent.

I have run into this before, when I tried to bring a flower from this particular plant to the indoors.  There must be something in its genetic makeup that is conditioned to cooler weather.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “November Rose

  1. Brave little rose! i had intended to bring in some of the rose buds still on one of the roses in our yard. But today proved cold enough to keep me in doors. Yesterday I did pick green tomatoes and make a green tomato cake using a recipe I found on line.

  2. How did your cake turn out? I have had mixed results with on-line recipes.

  3. Not bad, I do a lot of substituting since Dick is diabetic … splenda instead of sugar. I probably should have chopped the tomatoes a bit more. Just like the idea of using those tomatoes instead of tossing them.

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