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After the Rain, Comes Mushrooms


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We’ve had a number of days of good rain and the ground is now quite wet, so it is mushroom time!  At higher elevations, even nearby, people hunt chanterelles and morels.  I have traded pottery for chanterelles in the past, and absolutely loved my part of the bargain.  You know when those are in season, as the mushroom buyers put up their signs in the small towns.

Wish I knew the names of these particular mushrooms, since I found them on a walk in the woods around the house.  Until I am mushroom fluent, I know better than to taste any of the ‘shrooms on my land.  But it is fun to hunt and see how many different varieties one can find.  I did not see any ‘fairy rings’ of mushrooms on my walks today, even in the usual places.  They must show up at a different time of year.

The electric power was out for about six hours yesterday evening into the night.  Since there was no television or computer access, entertainment was limited.  Made me think about times long ago before modern conveniences.  How people used to tell stories in the nighttime firelight.  Like tales of fairies who lived in the woods, or scarey stores of witches and goblins, or imaginative explanations of why the stars are in a particular arrangement.  Makes television almost sound boring by comparison.


Author: susanpots

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3 thoughts on “After the Rain, Comes Mushrooms

  1. Now that I think about it…I have never seen mushrooms grow. I guess thats something I get to miss since I live in the desert.

    • When it rains so much, one doesn’t get out in the woods much. Then when the skies clear, the mushrooms have magically appeared. Often under evergreen trees, where the deer sleep and relieve themselves. “Magic” mushrooms grow in cow pastures near the coast. Apparently there is some connection between where animals s*&^ and mushrooms grow.

      I believe the desert has other things that the wet northwest does not have. Like more beautiful big sunsets. The price we pay for the mushrooms are more rainy days.
      And you could add to your bucket list: to live in a climate (for whatever length of time) very different than what you live in now.

      • haha that’s funny and disgusting at the same time. I don’t know how I feel about eating a mushroom that grew in poop.
        Yeah we lack rainy days and the sunsets are beautiful… That’s a great idea, I should add that to my list 🙂

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