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Floating Maple Leaf


?????????? ??????????

Today I looked outside my kitchen window, and saw a maple leaf floating around, but it never touched the ground.  As I watched it dancing around from side-to-side as well as up-and-down, I figured out what was going on.  It was entrancing, but I kept my cool, grabbed my camera and took a number of photos.  The leaf had to be caught on a spider web.  I couldn’t bear to free it from its tether, because I had never seen a leaf snared like this and did not want it to end.

We have run into so many spider webs when walking through the trees here.  You almost need to walk with your hands and arms in front of you moving around, or you end up with webs in your face and hair!

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

4 thoughts on “Floating Maple Leaf

  1. That sounds so scary all these spider webs :s

  2. You have to keep your sense of humor about them. The webs are usually in the denser woods.
    But as the weather cools off for the year, many spiders try to move indoors, so I have to step up my vacuuming.

  3. I understand the spider web situation … my solution is often to be second in line.

  4. Yes, I have done that. But pretty soon, the person in front catches on!

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