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Moving Day for Foxglove, Lamb’s Ear & Lavender


Shastas, lambs ear, lavender ??????????

Today was a sunny fall day, the ground has been thoroughly moistened by rain, but it is still firm to walk on.  A perfect day for transplanting.

First off, I moved some Lambs Ear a great, drought-resistant ground cover.   Next, I put some Lavender plants in to complete a row along side the driveway.  In the lower right of the first photo, you can see a slim transplanted Lavender.  This particular bed now has Lavender, then Lambs Ear, then Shasta Daisies, and on the outside are Irises.  All of these plants are deer-resistant, thus there is no fence around them.  An Oregon Grape shrub (not pictured) in the middle, is deer fenced, even though it is supposedly deer-resistant.  My plan is to keep the Oregon Grape fenced until it is tall enough to withstand the deer nibbling.

Now to the Foxglove.  There was one plant within the deer fence and on irrigation.  It put out an enormous amount of babies.  I counted planting 76 of them.  While I dug the Foxglove from within the deer fenced flower bed, I also dug up a number of Asters that had grown up in places I did not want them.  Many of the rooted Aster starts are now in small pots to give away, but I cannot begin to keep up with them.  The Foxglove was planted along the outside of a fenced flower bed.  The second photo shows a few Foxgloves (I count eight) as they were planted.  There are at least five plantings similar to this, besides other individual plantings. They should look very nice from the front deck by next summer.  I am now learning to keep my flowers deadheaded to prevent an over abundance of progeny.  Should I call it birth-control for perennials?

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2 thoughts on “Moving Day for Foxglove, Lamb’s Ear & Lavender

  1. Your driveway plantings sound lovely … I look forward to pictures of blooms. I once had an abundance of Shasta daises that grew around the compost.. apparently from seeds scattered as I stuffed spent plants into the compost container… they required no extra water and flourished. But your weather is dryer than here in Salem.

  2. There is no irrigation on the part of the driveway that has the lavender, lambs ear & shasta daisies. All of these plants can easily get out of control if watered & fertilized. Specially the lambs ear and shastas. Those are extremely sturdy boogers! Since they do not get watered, this part of the driveway can get a little peaked looking by the end of summer. We have discussed laying some irrigation that far, and I did purchase an extra-long hose to water there, but nothing so far.

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