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Autumn Joy – Sedum – Turtle Vase


Copy of DSCN1270 ?????????? ?????????? Copy of DSCN1211 Copy of DSCN1179 Copy of Autumn Joy

These snapshots show the progressive change of color of this outstanding landscape plant.  (I see the photos are posted in reverse order.)  While many sedums are groundcovers, Autumn Joy easily grows to 18 inches tall.  The above pictures cover the gradual darkening of this plant’s flowers.  They were taken over the course of a month, and the flowers will keep on getting darker for another few weeks.

I recently saw a line of about 20 barrels of these flowers decorating the entry to Maryhill Winery in Washington State on the Columbia Gorge.  They were still in the early stage of color development, and would look handsome for another month or so.

The bud in the Turtle Vase is still in the early stages of color change, as the stem was nipped by deer, earlier in its development.  (If you look close, you can see the darkening of the stem cut near the top flower.)  My plant is next to a fence, and the natives keep it pruned.

This porcelain vase is made by me in my ‘other life’.  A turtle is carved into the opening, and the piece was fired in my wood and gas fueled kiln.  The orange-peel texture seen on the vase shoulders is from soda introduced into the kiln near the end of the firing.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Autumn Joy – Sedum – Turtle Vase

  1. Beautiful vase. I look forward to learning where I can view your work. My sister in law recently suggested sedum for a problem spot in our yard. Your pictures further encourage me.

    • I have some perennial groundcover sedums in my garden, besides the Autumn Joy. They are all hardy, easy care and beautiful. Some even flower!
      I’m trying to remember if you said that you lived around Salem, OR…
      The weekend before Thanksgiving, I will show my artwork at the Clayfolk Holiday Show in Medford. This is an amazing, annual Pottery show which is strongly supported by the surrounding community. is the link. Would love to see you there – you will have to introduce yourself, then we could meet in person. Thank you for asking.

  2. I love your vase with the sedum in it

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