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Colchicum or Autumn Crocus

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I was paying attention and took photos of these flowers as they emerged from the ground over a period of a week (okay, I was visiting my grandsons for a few days in between, but I did not miss one of my favorite flowers).

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I was given my first Colchicum bulb many years ago when I went to a farmer’s market looking for a friend.  Never found her, but did chat up a person packing up their booth, and they gave me this strange, roundish, potato-shape bulb that they claimed would flower.   I stuck it in the ground and promptly forgot about it.

The next spring some leaves came up, but I could not remember what they went to.  The leaves died out, and not until late summer did a beautiful pink flower emerge.  I thought the crocus had forgot what season it was, since they bloom in early spring.  The flower died and I got busy with my life again.

Years later, I noticed many of the beautiful delicate pink flowers in the fall.  I read about colchicums in a gardening magazine and finally realized what I had in my yard.  By this time my area of these bulbs had enlarged quite a bit.  When I dug them up to divide and spread them around, I saved half a dozen bulbs for my friend who gave me a stack of her old Fine Gardening magazines where I learned about these unusual flowers.



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