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Yellow Succulent Flowers


Yellow Succulent Flowers

I have a half dozen succulent plants along the front border of a long bed next to the driveway. Sure do wish I knew their names, but I believe that most are probably in the sedum family.

About five years ago, I visited a local art festival on the last day near closing time and saw an older woman selling succulent plants. While chatting with her, I learned that she had sold plants at art festivals for many years, but now she was retiring and this was her last show. She assured me the particular plants I was looking at would grow year-round out-of-doors, as they flourished in her very Northern California yard. Did I get lucky that day!? I would give a number of plants a new home, and start learning about growing succulents.

This is the first one to bloom. The spikes of yellow flowers are about three inches high, and are a beautiful cut flower in a very small, or mini, vase.  There is a photo of these flowers in a wood-fired mini-vase posted on

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7 thoughts on “Yellow Succulent Flowers

  1. Lovely story. You have given the plants a new lease in life!

  2. I have exactly the same unidentified plant in my yard in northern california. Blooming like crazy right now. Acquired by my Mother-in-law years ago, an;d I have no idea what it is, but it creeps and spreads. Have you found out what it is?

  3. They are of Sedum family and they do well here in Latvia. I see they survive even in our Indian summers at 109f daily. Winters though are cold and ice flow over gardens but these many types of Sedum will survive anything happily .thank you for reading my blog I hope to make it interesting each Monday publication. I have a degree in History never used now retired I can full fill my education on such and hope to pass on many things to others in the transition.

  4. English by birth retired here and like it. You are so right a 3 day drive from UK and your here. A flight into International Riga airport and again its here. I have traveled all over Europe out to Africa and India so agree with you it is a small world for those who refuse to be jailed in their own small world but look beyond the curtain to see what goes on outside.

  5. That’s what I love about an art show, you find little surprises along the way that you weren’t expecting. I love the sedum and how it seems to flourish even in drought conditions and still bloom! Lucky you happened along that day when you did and were able to scoop these up!

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