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The Ubiquitous Mystery Flower


The Ubiquitous Mystery Flower

This groundcover is creeping its way through my flower garden. I must have brought it in at some time in the far past, because I would see it in the fields if it came in via the birds.

The upside is that it does cover the ground easily and has a pretty flower. If it rains during the dry season (summer) this plant will get a second life and expand that much more. On the down side, it is very hard to stop this plant. The runners root easily, and imbed themselves in the hardest clay soil (which is plentiful here). It has choked out other more desirable groundcovers and small plants, including violets and strawberries.

For the life of me, I cannot find the name of this groundcover. If anyone can help me out, I am indebted.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

2 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous Mystery Flower

  1. Something from the strawberry family??

    • This invader is overwhelming strawberries, violets and sweet woodruff. I did recently find some ajuga plants that I thought had died out a number of years ago. Some groundcovers are very persistent. I am trying to control and direct the movement on the ground of this yellow-flowered menace. But my knees have only so much time in the squatting position. Funny that I used to be able to spend many hours gardening in that position.

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