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Silene – Catchfly

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Silene - Catchfly

The second summer is coming up for this plant. Last summer it grew and bloomed for an extended period. I’ll have to pay attention this year and document just how long the bloom time is.

It lives beneath and between a couple of lilac bushes, so it is not in full sun, but I think it likes its home. When I read the sun and water requirements for a plant, I’ve found it to be just a start for finding it a home. Just because the tag says it can take some shade or loves the sun, does not mean it will like a place that I think fits that description. But when a plant finds its niche around my house, it will just go gangbusters! The definitive way to tell is this: if I have more than one start for a particular plant, and put them in different places. Even if both locations fit the profile, one will often do significantly better than the other.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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