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Pollen Laden Big Daddy


Pollen Laden Big Daddy

I was looking at flowers to photograph, and saw this bee on a tulip leaf. Really wanted to take a photo of him on a flower, but it is not as if I can say, “Sir (or ma’am), could you please fly to a nearby flower so I can take your picture there?”

When I looked at the photo up close, a surprise: the bee’s legs are full of pollen.

This is one of the largest bees I have seen here. We get plenty of bees, but they are usually smaller. This one may not have been too active, as the sun is having a hard time breaking out of the clouds today, and it is still coolish, 59 degrees F.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

5 thoughts on “Pollen Laden Big Daddy

  1. ma’am! The ladies do the work : ) well spotted!

  2. It’s a bumblebee, probably a female since usually female workers are the bees you see collecting pollen. Males only are around to fertlize the queen’s eggs. At least that’s how it works with honeybees. Did you call it “big daddy” because it reminds you of Jeter?

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