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First Tulips

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First Tulips

Yes, the rain has been trying to push these flowers to the ground. What a surprise to see the first tulips, I always wonder which ones will be the first to show their color. It seems to be different ones each year. These are in a sheltered, east-facing location, just below a deck.

In the bulb catalog, the colors are so entrancing, I admit to ordering a big variety on that premise at least once. But then I started to catch on, not all tulips return every year. Many tulips are bred to be tall, or a particular color, and don’t necessarily come back. Then there are the native tulips, many originated in Afghanistan of all places, that do return every year. These perennials are often shorter-stemmed, and not long-lived, but they are STURDY, and a hard winter does not deter their return.

One year we were at a huge public garden when they were digging up all of the tulips. Not all were done blooming, but it must have been on their schedule to remove those bulbs and prepare the beds for whatever would come next. I wanted so much to take some home with me, and I don’t believe anyone would have minded as these were all going to the compost pile. But this was in Canada, and I was not expecting to be home for over a week. I hardly think display gardens in other countries are any different on this topic. The tulips are treated like any other annual.

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