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Drooping Daffodils


Drooping Daffodils

The rain will get them every time. But, not to worry, these daffodils almost always come back upright. Drier weather is predicted, for what that is worth, and we really need the rain anyway.

Daffodils have been blooming all around town, and I saw them in full bloom on a drive to the coast (60 miles away) 10 days ago. Mine are not quite at full bloom yet. We always have blooming daffodils on the first day of spring here. Though on warmer years, they are almost done, on that day. Still 10 days to go, but I don’t think that warm of weather is expected. Once the sun starts shining, the flowers bloom and die so fast. This is a positive note for overcast, 60 degree (F) days.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Drooping Daffodils

  1. My daffodils are just beginning to push their way out of the ground. We have had quite the winter…snow, snow, snow. It never fails though…you are so right…exactly when they are at their finest, the rain will come and beat those beautiful yellow trumpets into the ground. I enjoyed your post…especially since I am eagerly awaiting my daffodil blooms. Happy Gardening!

    • Do you live in a place affected by this winter’s ‘polar vortex’?

      The first time I visited a friend who lives in the mountains and noticed spring bulbs blooming in the summer, I was very surprised. When I thought about it more, I realized the plants require not just the hours of sunlight, but the heat of the sun to bloom. It was cool to see daffodils and tulips in July.

  2. Yes, we have had a hard winter. I live in New Jersey, south Jersey. We have had snowstorm after snowstorm after snowstorm. One good note though…I heard the stink bug population will be drastically reduced because of all the snow. In fact, I think that will be one of my coming blog posts. 🙂

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