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??????????????????????I spotted this gem while walking around the house on a warm overcast day.  A perfect day for flowers, as they love the spring heat (in the low 60’s), without direct sunlight.  The flowers last so much longer without much sun, and if it gets hot, the flowers are gone quickly.  Just another reason why I like the moist Oregon weather we get here.

I love these flowers and their delicate green leaves. When I spot the leaves each spring, I know to leave that area alone, as I don’t want to jeopardize these beautiful blooms. I’ve had them in shades of white, purple, red and combinations of those colors. They are short lived in my area, possibly because they come up between rain storms that tend to flatten them to the ground.

In the photo, there are many other bulbs coming up around the anemone. While part of me wants to divide and multiply, the cautious part of me says to leave well enough alone.

I think these bulbs have been here a very long time. Anemones have been in other flower beds, even beds that were not deer-fenced. We didn’t use to have as many resident deer as we do now (the fir trees we planted 30 years ago are now a forest), so I think a number of flowers escaped predation by melding into what little landscaping there was. Perhaps it was there were more people around in the daytime to deter the deer, as I was raising children years ago.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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