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I think this is such an interesting plant, it blooms at a strange time of year and the flowers hang down in an odd way.
One time I tried to cut the flowers for display in a vase, and that turned out to be a bad idea. The stem wasn’t strong enough to hold up the flower, and I wanted to say “stand up straight and hold your head up” to it.

I like the fact the leaves stay green all year. The good-sized, older leaves sort of mat down and keep the ground cover at bay.

A year ago (or so), I dug up a pink-flowering hellebore from the yard of an elderly neighbor. It isn’t flowering yet, so I was wondering if this is another example of the white flower of a species blooming at a different time than the other colors. I have to watch this year to see if the other white flowers bloom before the other colors. I’m thinking of examples as crocus, hyacinth, iris and armeria.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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